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Book Club message

27 Jan 2021

Good morning everyone,

I hope you are all having a good week so far.
As of next week, we will be introducing a Book Club Zoom session for our classes.

The children will have a book each, which they can collect from the school office. We will read the text as a whole class and come together to share our ideas and thoughts. Our Book Club meetings will be held twice a week when we will read and discuss the text.
It is important that we continually encourage our children to read so please support your children with the reading if they find it challenging. The children can read independently or with an adult. The sessions will be as follows:
Monday: Read out the set chapters independently or with an adult.

Tuesday: Zoom session at 2:30 where we will read and discuss the chapters as a class.

Wednesday: Read out the set chapters independently or with an adult.

Thursday: Zoom session at 2:30 where we will read and discuss the chapters as a class.

Friday: Read out the set chapters independently or with an adult.

Children can use the same meeting ID and password to log into the Book Club sessions.
The books will be available to collect from the school office on Thursday 28th January and Friday 29th January. In order to maintain social distancing, we would advise 4SN parents to collect the books between 9am and 12pm and 4BD parents to collect books from 12:30pm until 3:30pm. The books will be numbered and allocated to each child and would need to be returned to the school after once we have finished reading.
Thank you for your continued support and as always, please contact your class teacher if you have any concerns.
Mr Dawes and Miss Nadeem

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28 Jan 2021 11:22
The book we are reading is called Varjack Paw.
28 Jan 2021 12:09
Last edited on 28 Jan 2021 - 12:10
This book sounds very interesting. I wonder what the book will be about...🤔🤔🤔
28 Jan 2021 12:48
Sorry Ms Nadeem, if you can give me the name of the book I can try and buy it as I teach during these times so I can't pick up from school. Thank you.
28 Jan 2021 13:50
My eldest loved that book! I think we have it at home, Jess
29 Jan 2021 12:50
My mum is going to collect the book on Monday 👍🏼
29 Jan 2021 17:17
I went to the office but they gave me a different book


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