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Year 6 Maths

06 Jan 2020

Dear parents and carers,

As you may know we are fortunate in Year 6 to have a three teacher system for Maths – including Miss Addai’s group of 12 children. We teach in these three groups every day and plan the lessons together ensuring we cover the same areas of the curriculum.  We aim to deliver quality and accessible teaching through appropriate support and challenge.
As well as this we have Mr Addai who teaches one hour Maths interventions to five groups of five children on Mondays.
We also run a Maths booster club for children who require some extra support to grasp certain concepts. This again is to provide children with a chance to learn Maths in a setting were we can provide personalised intervention. 

Each term we meet together as teachers to decide on where the needs within the cohort are and who requires additional intervention. As a result of being able to provide this targeted support the groups that different teachers work with can change.
Our organisation of these groups enables us to teach smaller classes and tailor our teaching to target specific areas as well as giving us the ability to feedback more effectively to the children in our classes. We feel it is in the children’s best interests to ensure that the groups adapt to the needs of the children.
The children are working hard and we are proud and excited about the progress they have made so far this year.

We look forward to welcoming them back to school tomorrow for the start of the Spring term.

Kind regards,

Mrs Glanvill and Mr Mussell

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