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Mathematics Programmes Of Study KS1 and KS2
02 Oct 2019






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Numeracy Priorities for 2012 - 2013

27 Feb 2013

Numeracy Priorities for 2012 - 2013
Our aim is to raise standards in Maths especially higher level and ensuring that pupils make 2 or more levels progress between KS1 and KS2 by:
  • Continuing to use Abacus scheme of work including online i-planner, Abacus Challenge books, Oxford Framework maths for level 6, Set Y2 - 6
  • Training staff as CPD in Numicon, Precision Monitoring, Subject leader training and network meetings, Hamilton Calculation policy workshop, Learning walks, Support in Level 6, Use of smart board to enhance learning, LGFL,  Questioning Children – Bloom’s taxonomy,
  • Continue to monitor assessment data and narrowing the gap for vulnerable children by using numeracy Nfer (Autumn, Spring), QCA (Summer), Sats (Summer), Testbase (Continuous) assessments, Daily assessment, Peer and Self-assessment, Targets
  • Continue to have x table and division challenges at the beginning of each term for 2 weeks.  Certificates for successfully completing each level.
  • Continue to run Challenge Club for GT
  • Continue Small focus, recovery and support groups, Precision monitoring, Numicon, 1:1
  • Continue to raise profile and enjoyment of maths through quality maths games, interactive ICT software and online, investigations, Thursday Maths Rap assemblies, Quantam Theatre: Planet Calculus, World Maths Day, Entrepeneurs day, Challenge days, Chess, Explore learning, Online Mathletics challenge, Star of the week certificates for exceptional work and  Interactive displays
  • Monitoring to improve standards through: book looks - formative marking to support progress, planning, lesson observations, share good practice
  • Parental involvement – School’s website, Orientation meetings, Parent teacher meetings, Maths workshops, Happy Puzzle day, Entrepreneurs day, Fundraisers

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