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School Council

Kayla-school, council interview-newspaper
19 Jul 2018
First edition of our School online Newspaper! Hooray!!!
17 Jul 2018
School Council 2017-18
18 Oct 2017





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School Council Photo and Introductions

19 Nov 2013

Year 2 reps are Emmanuel in 2CD and Callum in 2LB.
Year 3 reps are Anna in 3JP and Henry in 3RT.
Year 4 reps are Maddie in 4EL and Freya in 4JL.
Year 5 reps are Tilly from 5KC and Harry from 5HS.
Year 6 reps are Bethany from 6LW and Poppy from 6AA.


My name is Henry. I will be a good school council representative because I will raise loads of money and ask my class mates what they would like for the school. I will make sure the questions I get are sensible andI will come to all of the meetings. I will listen to everyones ideas that the other people in school council had in their box. I will ask everyone in the school to see if they would like to put a suggestion in my box. - Henry 3RT

I think I would be good for school council because i'm confident at speaking in front of people. I am considerate because I like to help people with their problems. I'm good at uploading information on computers , I will never be late for any meetings and I'm very clever and very organised , neat and a good listner. So this is why I was voted school council! - Maddie 4EL

Hello my name is Tilly and I am the 5KC school council member. I was elected because people said I was kind and helpful , my classmates say I am a good listener and a past memeber said that I would make a great school council member. Many people say I have good ideas and that I am very clever so I could help out. I am sure that as a school council memeber I will make  the school a better place! - Tilly

Hello, my name is Harry and I'm the 5HS representativefor this academic year. I an very grateful to the people who elected me to do this job. I feel I can communicate whith my classmates and the rest of the to consider any problems or suggestions they may have. I already have several ideas, and I'm looking forward to hearing what others think. I hope to make the school a better and more friendly enviroment and to have a successful time as a member of school council. Thanks - Harry 5HS

My name is Bethany. I wanted to be elected for school council this year because I think I am a good listener and I would try my hardest to make everyones ideas happen. - Bethany.

My name is Poppy , This year I tried out for school council because I have some great ideas to make our school a better place, I enjoy fundraising days and fundrasising activities. I also love to share great ideas to help our school. However , I won't share silly ideas like "Petting zoo" or anything like that. Anyone is welcome to put an idea in my message box including teachers! Thanks for electing me! - Poppy

Page By: Poppy and Rachel 6AA

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