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Eco School

Our new Eco Council
18 Oct 2017






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Christmas Pumpkin Queen!

30 Nov 2013

I'm sure you all know the chief Handsworth gardener, Mrs Chatterton! She quietly  and humbly keeps everything growing, also running gardening clubs with different year groups. She also advises eco coordinators like me(Miss Lloyd) about what to grow in our year group plot when I know nothing about gardening!  Now I'm learning!She has also advised on composting which is now going strong,using fruit peelings collected from children at playtime , shredded paper from the staff room and ather garden waste. Compost monitors in 4EL are doing a great job. Would anyone else like a go?

Check out this great idea below!   If you bought some seeds do bring in your pumpkins when they are grown! Handsworth's biggest pumpkin competition possibility?







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